At Maison Premiere, we bring you the rich culinary culture of Provence, and experience modern Provence gastronomy as if you were there.

Nouvelle Provence

Maison Premiere aspire to be an ambassador of new Provence gastronomy.
Spreading from Avignon in the north, to Nimes and l'Étang de l'Or in the southwest and to Cassis in the southeast, the Camargue region is at the heart of Provence. The region famous wetlands enriches the soil, to help produce nutriment rich vegetables and fruits. This richness is what defines new Provence gastronomy and Maison Premiere style.

The essence

Surrounded by the sea breezes and the Rhône River, the soil of the Camargue has a perfect ratio of water and nutriments, making it possible to grow mineral-rich vegetables.
Thanks to this unique combination, a drizzle of olive oil is enough to turn a simple dish into a delicious experience.
Maison Premiere cuisine is about preserving the dish vegetables essence and elevate its authentic taste into something unique.

Modern interior

This provencal pied-à-terre at the heart of Tokyo has been designed by french interior architect Charlotte Biltgen. This modern space designed to ressemble a second home is the perfect guesthouse to enjoy your time spent with your guests.

Maison Premiere

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